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New skill, learning, handmade spoons, craft, www.Fenne.be

Learning something new: making spoons

Diogo is a very skilled guitar builder who works with European woods– so lots of experience with wood, something I don’t know much about, but one can always…

artist sketchbook, inspired by nature, night landscape, painting with acrylic, www.Fenne.be

Inside my sketchbook

It’s been a while since I posted my sketches. Some days I forget, but now it’s also been a while since new ones found their way to the…

Landscape, etch, panorama, printmaking, www.Fenne.be

Not all there is to know, we can see.

There is an emptiness, a void, that has to be filled with the wild air that wanders from the mountains back to the sea. We watch but don’t…

Wednesday Wanderings (12), blog about nature, photography and Sweden on www.Fenne.be

Wednesday Wanderings (12)

I can’t move. An extremely tired dog is sleeping on my feet. And interrupting that would be a crime against cuteness.  I sit on my bed with my…

#MarchMeetTheMaker, instagram challenge, blog on www.Fenne.be

#MarchMeetTheMaker the unlimited where.

MMTM, aka the no-secrets-month! It’s been one week into the #MarchMeetTheMaker challenge where every day you get a prompt that will ask you to share something about yourself…

#MarchMeetTheMaker | Day 1 | www.Fenne.be


Because I feel like I never know enough makers, because I love to find new creators and because I love to see what others bring to life. Enough…

Words typography and printmaking | Living abroad| Belgian in Sweden| learning a new language| blog on www.Fenne.be

Living abroad: lost in word soup

Have you ever heard of Neder-Swengelska? No? It’s what I currently speak fluently. It’s an interesting and creative mix of Dutch, Swedish and English and the cool thing…

Linocut print | test and experiment with printmaking| Blog on www.Fenne.be

Bandana dog linocut

The story is in the scratches | blog about art, nature, nordics and living abroad| www.Fenne.be

The stories are in the scratches

It’s almost midnight and I am staring at my glowing screen, being painfully aware of a headache that has been following my every move the whole day. Normally…

Linocut print | test and experiment with printmaking| Blog on www.Fenne.be

Linocut experiments

When I was in Belgium a few months ago, I bought a few different types of lino to experiment with. Since this type was much softer than the…