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Fenne Kustermans, artist and illustrator in Sweden, dog photography, Border Collie, nature photography, www.Fenne.be

Influenced by both light and shadow, searching and being lost. The beauty of nature and the complex human mind.

Hello and welcome!

I am Fenne, a Belgian artist, currently living and working in Sweden. My inspirations from nature, life, and experiments find their way to zines, graphic poems, illustrations, and photographs.


Short bio:
– Master of arts, graphic design & illustration: 2012-2016 (Sint Lucas Antwerp)
– Teachers degree: 2012
– Bachelor photography: 2003-2006 (KDG Antwerp)


Freedom, solitude, nature & relationship to humanity, experiments, searching,…


Skills & techniques:
Printmaking (lino, dry-point needle etching, monotype, screenprint), painting, mixed media, bookbinding, photography, writing & research, Photoshop, Indesign,…


Since my photography study, I work as a dog photographer which connected me to many wonderful people and their lovable furry friends. Photographing dogs gives the opportunity to – however small- see and create a bit of beauty for the world. But life isn’t a straight path. It’s twisting and turning and sometimes it takes an unexpected turn.


A few years ago I was very hungry for both creating and sharing in a different way. First I got a teacher’s degree and after that a master’s degree in Illustration and graphic design. In my master’s year, I traveled North for an experiment in solitude, made a graphic novel about it, graduated, and… moved north to Sweden. My work is influenced by both light and shadow, searching and being lost. The beauty of nature and the complex human mind.


Some extra random facts:
– I love beachcombing and collecting rocks – my most unexpected find was a set of Michael Kors earrings.
– Blue is definitely my color.
– I have been a foster/puppy trainer for 2 assistance dogs.
– Hot chocolate is definitely my favorite drink, but I’m also a tea person.
– Book shops and art supplies shops are my happy places.
– Diving into the lake on a hot summer day is one of my ultimate sensations.


You’re very welcome to take part in this journey, to join the adventures, and to create.

If you have any comments, thoughts, or ideas for collaborations, feel free to contact me through this page, on Facebook, or Instagram.

62 days north, a solitude experiment, graphic novel, www.Fenne.be


    Nature-inspired artwork, painter's art studio, Fenne Kustermans, Sweden, European artist