Fenne Kustermans, Belgian artist, photographer, treasure hunter, currently living in the Nordics, nature inspired art. www.Fenne.be
Hello, hej, hallo, Welcome at Fenne.be, visual storyteller, artist, printmaker, illustrator. www.fenne.be

Fenne Kustermans

Artist/ wanderer

Through different mediums like paint, pencils, and print, I search for the translation of human behavior and our relationship with both nature and ourselves.


Each idea looks for its own way of translation and this can be an illustration, a photo, a screen print, a lino print, or even an abstract painting as there are so many ways to tell and share stories with colors, lines, and shapes.

Do you want to work together? Send me a message at: hello@fenne.be

dark field method on copper plate, printmaking technique, nature inspired illustration, www.Fenne.be

Currently working on

A year dedicated to print.
Learning new techniques, experimenting with materials, designs, and developing my visual language.

The studio.

The place where all magic happens, aka the atelier, is currently located in Söderbärke- Southern Dalarna- in Sweden.
Studio visits are only by appointment, but if you’re curious, you can follow the process on social media and on the blog.

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