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Sketching in Smedjebacken by the boats, Sweden, Dalarna, artist, artlife, nature,

Sketching by the boats under giant clouds

Belgians in Sweden, Belgians brweing beer, craftbeer, beer Sweden,

B3: Belgians brewing beer

Picasso in Sweden, art, artist Sweden,

An unexpected Picasso

Lars Winnerbäck I Dalhalla Sverige, Inside my moleskine sketchbook, watercolor and pencil, art life, concert drawing,

Inside my sketchbook: Lars Winnerbäck at Dalhalla

When camera’s are nog allowed,… take a sketchbook 🙂  

Sketchbook page,

Inside my sketchbook

Early morning swim in the lake, Sweden, Dalarna, freedom, gopro,

Early morning swim in the lake

A jump into refreshing freedom. A bubbling world out of this world. Far from everything, detached, and yet ultimately connected.

Summer evenings

I stopped counting the mosquito bites a few sunsets ago and instead scratch them without thinking. But you know when I think about the mossies the most? When…

Stockholm rooftop walk, Takvandring Sweden, blog on

Facing fears: Stockholm rooftop walk

Helmet? Check. Cables? Check. Basophobia?  Double check.  

New skill, learning, handmade spoons, craft,

Learning something new: making spoons

Diogo is a very skilled guitar builder who works with European woods– so lots of experience with wood, something I don’t know much about, but one can always…

artist sketchbook, inspired by nature, night landscape, painting with acrylic,

Inside my sketchbook

It’s been a while since I posted my sketches. Some days I forget, but now it’s also been a while since new ones found their way to the…