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New skill, learning, handmade spoons, craft, www.Fenne.be

Learning something new: making spoons

Diogo is a very skilled guitar builder who works with European woods– so lots of experience with wood, something I don’t know much about, but one can always…

artist sketchbook, inspired by nature, night landscape, painting with acrylic, www.Fenne.be

Inside my sketchbook

It’s been a while since I posted my sketches. Some days I forget, but now it’s also been a while since new ones found their way to the…

The first flowers of 2018, nature photography, Sweden, www.Fenne.be

First flowers of 2018!

Wednesday Wanderings (17), nature photography, photography blog, nature blogger, Sweden, Dalarna, www.Fenne.be

Wednesday Wanderings (17)

Under a blue sky, the water levels are rising everywhere around us. Snow and ice from a long and cold winter melts into creeks and rivers, all the…

Landscape, etch, panorama, printmaking, www.Fenne.be

Not all there is to know, we can see.

There is an emptiness, a void, that has to be filled with the wild air that wanders from the mountains back to the sea. We watch but don’t…

Wednesday Wanderings (15), life Sweden, Dalarna, wanderlust, art and travel, www.Fenne.be

Wednesday Wanderings (15)

There is no way to deny it, Spring is taking over from Winter. And I must admit, I’m not entirely ready for this bright white world to melt…

Wednesday Wanderings (13), nature photography, wanderlust, Dalarna, Sweden, blog on www.Fenne.be)

Wednesday Wanderings (13)

One morning after waking up (that takes some time you know), I felt something had changed. The sun was out, the light was different and the air was…

Wednesday Wanderings (12), blog about nature, photography and Sweden on www.Fenne.be

Wednesday Wanderings (12)

I can’t move. An extremely tired dog is sleeping on my feet. And interrupting that would be a crime against cuteness.  I sit on my bed with my…

Wednesday Wanderings (08)| wanderlust, hiking, nature photography in Sweden, Dalarna| www.Fenne.be

Wednesday Wanderings (08)

I’ll admit, I am obsessed with ice and its textures, so I just post all the photographs I took at this little waterfall 🙂  — don’t say I…

Wednesday Wanderings (07)| hiking and nature photography in Dalarna, Sweden | blog on www.Fenne.be

Wednesday Wanderings (07)

After weeks without sunlight, our black and white world was suddenly an attractive explosion of the most beautiful colors. Hellow blues and oranges and hints of pink! We…