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artist sketchbook, inspired by nature, night landscape, painting with acrylic, www.Fenne.be

Inside my sketchbook

It’s been a while since I posted my sketches. Some days I forget, but now it’s also been a while since new ones found their way to the…

Inside my sketchbook | art blog, drawings, moleskine | www.Fenne.be

Inside my sketchbook

We don’t meet as often as I would like, the sketchbook and I. The cold winter days are short and dark and I’m struggling to fit everything that…

Inside my sketchbook | inktober 2017 | www.Fenne.be

Inside my sketchbook

  During October, I’ve been experimenting a bit with ink for Inktober- an inky challenge for one month. Last year it worked out rather well, but this year…

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Inside my sketchbook

Photography is an immediate reaction, drawing is a meditation. Henri Cartier-Bresson

Rainbow | nature photography | www.Fenne.be

“You know you can turn your camera, right?”

A while ago someone said to me: “You know you can turn your camera, right?” I hadn’t really thought about it, but it is very true that almost…

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Inside my sketchbook

Looks like I’m into brighter colors this week 🙂

Inside my sketchbook | art blog on www.Fenne.be | travelsketches

Inside my sketchbook

What's in my bag (on the road) | www.Fenne.be

In my bag (on the road)

It’s a lovely sunny day, one of the first where I really get a spring feeling- even found the first flower in my garden! (But no pictures as…

Inside my Moleskine travel sketchbook | visual storytelling by www.Fenne.be

Inside my sketchbook

A sudden longing for summer took over although I would love winter to stay a bit longer. I’m dreaming about road trips and campfires under a starry night…

62 days north | www.Fenne.be | graphic novel

7 Lessons from my solitude- experiment

When I packed my bags and drove North to spent 62 days in a cabin by a lake it was not just for fun nor was it some…