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New skill, learning, handmade spoons, craft, www.Fenne.be

Learning something new: making spoons

Diogo is a very skilled guitar builder who works with European woods– so lots of experience with wood, something I don’t know much about, but one can always…

Landscape, etch, panorama, printmaking, www.Fenne.be

Not all there is to know, we can see.

There is an emptiness, a void, that has to be filled with the wild air that wanders from the mountains back to the sea. We watch but don’t…

Linocut print | test and experiment with printmaking| Blog on www.Fenne.be

Bandana dog linocut

Linocut print | test and experiment with printmaking| Blog on www.Fenne.be

Linocut experiments

When I was in Belgium a few months ago, I bought a few different types of lino to experiment with. Since this type was much softer than the…

New experiments: Take your nature with you. #Sweden #nature #pendant

New experiment: Take your nature with you.

Inside my sketchbook | inktober 2017 | www.Fenne.be

Inside my sketchbook

  During October, I’ve been experimenting a bit with ink for Inktober- an inky challenge for one month. Last year it worked out rather well, but this year…

Belgian blogger/artist in Sweden | Lensbaby | Lightroom presets on Etsy| www.Fenne.be

The cold is back


Learning ceramics | www.Fenne.be

Ceramics workshop | Borlänge

I started something new and exciting! When a friend told me about a course in ceramics, I was sold right away. ok, it’s all in Swedish and I…

Workshop ceramics part 2: glazing| blog on www.Fenne.be

Finishing the ceramics

Do you remember the super cool birthday gift I got? In May we didn’t only eat way too much delicious Belgian pie, more importantly we also attended a…

Workshop Ceramics | Västerås, Sweden | www.Fenne.be

Super coolt birthday gift: a workshop ceramics!

I was teased for a whole week about a surprise for my birthday.  The only hint I got was that it would be in Västerås, a city close…