I know of leafy paths where shadows go
I know where the dim screams drift.
I am not afraid.
Unwearied still, lover by lover
Stretched out desirous to reach the hidden world
below the glooming surface.
What is it that we woke up?
The rooftop | www.Fenne.be
I have to confess, I have never been interested in romantic stories. At all. I only watch cheesy movies with friends for the popcorn, candy and company.  (and pizza is always a plus)
None of the whining, love craving and big dress obsessed princesses that were waiting to be saved by some heroic man could wake up some romantic vision.
Even as a teenager I had no interest in falling in love with pop-stars nor did I ever watch Titanic. (well, I tried my very best but didn’t finish)
But there is also love, this big beautiful word. L.O.V.E
Like so many people I was wondering what it was. What it meant. To me, to us. It became very clear that in our way of thinking, the way our society and our ‘free world’ is organized, only love that fits itself in the shape of the  romantic falling-in-love-happily-ever-after will be recognized and celebrated as true. We should be all hunters, maniacally searching for that one perfect person that is out there, waiting to be ours and ours alone and meeting all our needs until the end of our days.
Isn’t this the ultimate delusion?
In the project I am currently working on, I walk the path of love in an attempt to find the meaning or shape that love can have besides this conventional opinion. I dig into the works of some writers, poets, philosophers and scientists, all with their own insights and enriching thoughts.
If you are reading this and you have a great article/book/poem/… or you have your own idea on this matter that you want to share, feel free to let me know.