Picking Blueberries and mushrooms (Sweden) | detail shot of the forest| blog on www.Fenne.be

Picking berries and mushrooms

Berry-picking is probably the opposite of a normal hike in many ways. While hiking, our gaze seeks for the horizon, for far away sights and a calm blue…

Flatruet and camping in Jämtland, Sweden | blog on www.Fenne.be

Flatruet, Jämtland (Sweden)

Warning: Pictures overload possible 🙂 After a few weeks with friend visiting our new home, we got itchy. Itchy for the road, for freedom and travel. We packed…

The simplest joy when camping? Finding a toilet! | blog on www.Fenne.be

The simplest joy when camping?

Finding a toilet … with a view 🙂 It’s all about priorities!

Garden harvest in Sweden (Dalarna). organic fruit and vegetables | www.Fenne.be

Garden candy almost ready


Workshop ceramics part 2: glazing| blog on www.Fenne.be

Finishing the ceramics

Do you remember the super cool birthday gift I got? In May we didn’t only eat way too much delicious Belgian pie, more importantly we also attended a…

Rainbow | nature photography | www.Fenne.be

“You know you can turn your camera, right?”

A while ago someone said to me: “You know you can turn your camera, right?” I hadn’t really thought about it, but it is very true that almost…

Visitor in our garden | Wild Sweden | www.Fenne.be

Can you spot the visitor in our garden?

I don’t think I will ever get tired of the surprises in our garden and all the paths surrounding it. We’ve seen gentle tracks in mud or paw…

Antwerp & Art: Antwerp masters 2017 | exhibition Belgium, art schools| www.Fenne.be

Art & Antwerp: Antwerp Masters 2017

The opening of the Master exhibition by Sint Lucas school of arts and the Royal Academy of Antwerp was something I was looking forward to for months!  As…

In the land of the midnight sun | Sweden | www.Fenne.be

In the land of the midnight sun.

The longest day has passed and the shortest season, summer, introduced itself with a glowing sun just behind the horizon.  Some people say that from now on it…

Moleskine sketchbook update | Artist, artlife, sketching | www.Fenne.be

Inside my sketchbook

Looks like I’m into brighter colors this week 🙂