Winter is drawing on my window | winter in Sweden | nature photography |

Winter is drawing on my window

Santa Lucia & Lussekatter | Swedish traditions |

Santa Lucia & Lussekatter

The 13th of December, there is a bit of extra light on these dark Swedish days when Saint Lucy’s day is celebrated. Sparkling candles and of course saffron…

Inside my sketchbook | inktober 2017 |

Inside my sketchbook

  During October, I’ve been experimenting a bit with ink for Inktober- an inky challenge for one month. Last year it worked out rather well, but this year…

Learning ceramics |

Ceramics workshop | Borlänge

I started something new and exciting! When a friend told me about a course in ceramics, I was sold right away. ok, it’s all in Swedish and I…

STand up paddle board | border Collie | Ruffwear | red Paddle Co |

Magnificent autumn sup

Sketchbook | moleskine | art & blog on

Inside my sketchbook

Photography is an immediate reaction, drawing is a meditation. Henri Cartier-Bresson

A weekend off in a charming cottage in Orsa (Dalarna/Sweden)

The brisk autumn wind made the trees dance and pulled at the yellow leafs like a mean child that would pull you hair if she doesn’t get what…

Sundays are for pancakes |

Sundays are for pancakes :-)

… and trying something new! Still prefer my coconut sugar but interesting to try this Norwegian thing called Namdalsgomma. It’s some kind of soft cheese with hints of…

How to make a human ice lolly |

How to make a human ice lolly?

 Step 1: invite some friends up north Step 2: go out on a brisk day and give them a paddle Step 3: wait until frozen. Just kidding. Thanks…

Volkswagen California | travel | Norway |

La vache qui rit. Joeri qui ne rit pas.

I remember us looking at all the cars climbing the Trollstigen, a scenic road in Norway, and laughing at each other saying:”No, we’re not crazy, we are not…