In the land of the midnight sun | Sweden |

In the land of the midnight sun.

The longest day has passed and the shortest season, summer, introduced itself with a glowing sun just behind the horizon.  Some people say that from now on it…

Moleskine sketchbook update | Artist, artlife, sketching |

Inside my sketchbook

Looks like I’m into brighter colors this week 🙂

selportrait-spring-flowersHow to find your creative muse | spring portrait woman |

How to find your creative muse.

What is it that keeps your inspiration going? What topic can you always write or blog about? Or who inspires your paintings or makes you grab your camera?…

Inside my sketchbook | art blog on | travelsketches

Inside my sketchbook

Secret hiding spot by the lake |

Secret hiding spot & loppis treasures

Now the ice has melted and winter is chased away by the midnight sun, my secret hiding spot by the lake is back. A little dock surrounded by…

Spring road trip Europe video | blog on

Spring road trip video

We packed our bags and drove south on the new energy of early spring. While up here the snow just started to melt and showing the very first…

Spring in Sweden, apple blossoms in our kitchen | blog on

The apple blossoms tell me it’s really spring.

“This is such a terrible spring,” they say, but it is impossible for me to agree. First of all this is my very first spring in Sweden. During…

Workshop Ceramics | Västerås, Sweden |

Super coolt birthday gift: a workshop ceramics!

I was teased for a whole week about a surprise for my birthday.  The only hint I got was that it would be in Västerås, a city close…

From sketch to linocut printmaking | blog on

From sketch to linocut print

Do you recognize the sketchbook page from a while ago? This quick watercolor image is now transformed into another medium: linocut. At the time of sketching I wasn’t…

Mountains in Austria | travelwriting |

Why I don’t ask (much) travel advice.

So many people plan all details of their trip. Looking online, reading blogs and countless travel magazines and ask others for the hidden gems. Every minute of the…