North is to me what west must have been for Jack Kerouac. Pulled back and forth. Attracted and rejected. The compass turns and turns, but will always point out the same. Wandering, wondering. Endlessly on the road, looking for life, for love, for the feeling of freedom by leaving and the richness of possibilities and the victory of getting lost.
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There is something about the cold, the grey-blue tones and sudden spots of ocher revealed by melting snow. My breath trembles and the limits of my body dissolve. I breath not only air but freedom and space in between my thoughts. The wind takes me on a dance through the trees and on the cold base notes a colourful melody of the seasons plays its music.
When I planned to spent some time on my own to make the book, I did try to come up with other destinations. There is, after all, so much beauty in the world. I wanted to be far enough to not be able to walk home when things got difficult- so no camping in my neighbours garden. It had to be radical enough to be an experiment but also a place where I would feel safe to go by myself and where those who I left (and would not hear from me in 62 days)  would be okay with. To narrow down the search I also wanted to be able to get there by car and take my dogs. With every brainstorming the picture in my head became more clear. My ideal would be a cottage by a lake. Preferably as basic as possible but without having to test my survival skills- that would be a disaster I’m afraid- but working on that. Only dreaming doesn’t shape a plan of course. After deciding when to go, I looked on different websites for a place to stay and after hour of searching this really wide wed I found the place I had to be through AirBnB.

Most of us have this perfect place somewhere well locked in the realm of the imagination. Remarkable it was to discover that reality isn’t inferior to the imagination. I saw inspiring rooms where I could see writers staring out of the window. Or cabins to find some peace and quiet.  Little houses in the mountains or dreamy places by the sea and even tree-houses! … It’s there, you just have to pack your bags and go and live the dreams!
What is your go-to place or direction? Or what would be your dream destination?

  • Somewhere with moss covered trees and streaming water. Preferably not too cold. 😉 You make doing something like this sound so easy, although I can think of a million shitty reasons why this would be impossible for me to do. Did you have to leave your boyfriend behind?

    March 16, 2017

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