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Flatruet and camping in Jämtland, Sweden | blog on www.Fenne.be

Flatruet, Jämtland (Sweden)

Warning: Pictures overload possible 🙂 After a few weeks with friend visiting our new home, we got itchy. Itchy for the road, for freedom and travel. We packed…

Spring road trip Europe video | blog on www.Fenne.be

Spring road trip video

We packed our bags and drove south on the new energy of early spring. While up here the snow just started to melt and showing the very first…

Winter road trip Sweden (video) | www.Fenne.be

Winter road trip in Sweden

On unguarded moments, the sun tickles the dark shadows of winter. Just playful and gentle. Just enough to get the earth ready for spring. Days are already warmer…

Among the winds | Drone flight | Mavic Pro | www.Fenne.be

Among the winds {Drone flight}

The Rooftop

  The rooftop is a zine and a letter about love and freedom. Thinking out loud in color and shapes. Searching and wandering rather than looking for a…

The first snow, a video

A long drive to the cold and dark north, to be surprised by the first snow of the new season that covered autumn with a soft layer of…

Grafixx 2016- a short review

Finally, after waiting for a long time, having it it big letters on my calendar, there was GRAFIXX (Antwerp, BE) again; a festival that celebrates not only paper…

Making-of: The Rooftop (video)

I know of leafy paths where shadows go I know where the dim screams drift I am not afraid

Update boek-trailer