Inside my sketchbook | inktober 2017 | www.Fenne.beInside my sketchbook | inktober 2017 | Inside my sketchbook | inktober 2017 | Inside my sketchbook | inktober 2017 |
During October, I’ve been experimenting a bit with ink for Inktober- an inky challenge for one month. Last year it worked out rather well, but this year I was just not into ink. After all the inky frustration, there was only one thing to do: painting in thick, smudgy layers of delicious paint ha!
I think at this moment it’s mostly a lack of patience that makes it so difficult for me to work with ink. In between work and life, I want to arrive at my sketchbook and let go of some thoughts, play and be messy. I want to think out loud in lines and colors, shapes and layers. With ink, I get the feeling that it has to be right before it gets heavy. Does that make sense? I don’t know 🙂Inside my sketchbook | inktober 2017 |

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