Linocut experiments

When I was in Belgium a few months ago, I bought a few different types of lino to experiment with. Since this type was much softer than the one I usually use, it doesn’t have to be warm to be cut in a gentle way. It sounded great for cold winter days and dry air but my first attempt was also a bit frustrating because I didn’t expect the elasticity of this wobbly piece of lino 🙂 The knives went through as if it was butter but it left me feeling it was having its own life when I missed the clear cuts and scratches that I am usually able to make.  – often I tried to cut something away and it just flopped back into place aaaaahhhrhg!
That first one still needs to be finished but I also tried a different design to see if a different approach and practice would help me collaborating with this new material 🙂Linocut print | test and experiment with printmaking| Blog on
Any tips or opinions are of course very welcome.

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