I was teased for a whole week about a surprise for my birthday.  The only hint I got was that it would be in Västerås, a city close by but one that we don’t know very well yet. (so tips on Västerås are always welcome)
The evening before my birthday I got a bit nervous so I started asking for clues.
Going from indoor or outdoor? (he said it could be both, very helpful) On land or on water? With other people or alone?
The only useful answer I got was the most practical: should I dress up or something that can be dirty without being ruined. YES, I got my first clue 🙂
Then ‘to camera or not to camera’ was answered with a take a camera but not your good one… Just before going to bed I guessed it but I only knew for sure when we arrived in the city, rang the doorbell and noticed a sign by the door with “keramik” on it.
Annika started with showing us some of her own work as well as that of participants of her courses to see the possibilities and different techniques which was very useful because I couldn’t do any research. After a very clear explanation of techniques, clay, colors, the use of water, slush and tools I couldn’t wait to get started. I chose the black clay to work with and the pottery wheel as the first technique. It isn’t the easiest technique but it’s something that was on my bucket list for ages– and I must say that it was worth waiting, and I absolutely loved it.

Workshop Ceramics | Västerås, Sweden | www.Fenne.be

Annika showing me how to get started. I can’t wait! (and I already got some black clay on my face haha)

Workshop Ceramics | Västerås, Sweden | www.Fenne.be

Starting to look like an elephant 🙂

After the wheel I got some time and clay left to make an additional object too but none of them I can show you right now as there is no way I would let these deliciously dirty hands to come any near my camera 🙂 and we left our works there to dry and to be baked.
In a few weeks we’ll know if everything dried out smooth without cracks and then we’ll go back for the glazing.
Thanks Annika for your patience and instructions, I had a great time!

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