Winter in Sweden is without any doubt magical with snow and golden rays of sunlight gently touching the earth. But the days are also short. Leaving less time for painting and giving me a dinner-time-feeling around 2.30 pm it might feel confusing. With the risk of the darkness becoming heavy and challenging, we came up with some strategies to welcome the ultra short days and long cold nights.
1.  A walk a day.
With daylight only for a few hours by your side, a noon-walk not only gets you out of cocooning mode and provides the necessary sunlight, it’s a great way to have adventures, big and small. The search for cabins, trying new paths and random wanderings feed the curiosity and imagination.
Note: always dress for the weather!
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2. Sculpturing with snow & ice.
No better way to make the best of freezing temperatures and lots of snow than to use these as the ingredients for a new way of creating that I have never experienced before. Hours fly by when patiently layering the ice. Some things fail big time, some days I just built ice castles and watch the dancing flames reveling  the tiniest frozen bubbles.Snow sculpture | www.Fenne.beIce sculpture |  Ice sculpture |
3. Skiing with the dogs.
It’s been years, many years since I tried any form of sliding on a winter surface, so although I have a great time (and my dogs too) I find myself putting the most effort in keeping all limps attached to the body, even when diving face forward in a pile of icy snow. But then, (when not eating snow) … the views of lakes playing with the clouds, sparkling crystals (who needs diamonds anyway) and the trees forming a playful rhythm of shadows.
Skiing with dogs |
Skiing with dogs | | Dalarna, SwedenSkiing with dogs |
4. Getting to know my neighbors.
Both human, on four legs and with feathers. Although I don’t need an encyclopedia to recognize the species of my 2 legged neighbors, I definitely have to use some help to identify any other visitors who leave tracks in the snow, secretly eat our garbage (the vegetables and stuff like that) and those who join the conversations around the peanut-bar.Bird spotting | www.Fenne.beBird spotting |
5. Bastu (sauna).
After spending many hours outside or even just because it’s cold, there is the warming prospect of the tickling sensation of melting again and relaxing all the muscles until it’s so unbearable hot that only jumping in the snow will bring relief 🙂5 tactics for winter | close up of snow |
More tips & tricks are always very welcome of course!

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