For a long time I had the idea that screen printing was only for artists with a certain style. Clean lines and big shapes, I thought, but I was wrong. When working on my zine ‘The rooftop’ the opportunity arose to work with screen print, to learn how it works and exploring the possibilities even within my way of working.
After an evening of drawing a model, there were some sketches that made me curious how they would look in screen print. As mentioned above, screen print is new to me, so it’s possible that you would use it differently or transform it in another way. Cool tips always welcome!

Of the original watercolor sketch, I made a black and white copy to see what still remains without any color. That same copy I enlarged on A3 and twice inverse.

On one of the copies I painted all the lines with black ink so that they would disappear. The other copy was for the opposite: painting away everything but the lines.
These 2 pages were copied again, but this time back to the normal black lines on white paper and thereafter on plastic.

Screen printing = cleaning, lots of cleaning 🙂

Drying in the sun.

Plastic images & UV light to prepare the screen.

Different layers, different colors, one image.

Layer after layer drying before adding another color.

Some of the final results.

Also a series of etches was made, you can find them here.