International day of happiness, things that make me happy,

So much is going on in the world, but on this day, I want to pay extra attention to all the things that make me happy.

1. Early signs of changing seasons
2. The scent of printmaking ink
3. My dogs. Everything about my dogs. From the way they look at me to their joy when going out or snuggling under a blanket. The scent of their paws. The sound of them snoring or dreaming.
4. Making hot chocolate in the morning. Just a bit of oat milk with a piece of dark chocolate
5. Testing new art materials

6. Freshly washed clothes
7. Working together with others in art class
8. Neon-colored paint
9. Finding items that were lost
10. Cobalt blue and bright orange

11. The sound of sharpening pencils
12. Sending birthday cards to friends
13. A good conversation
14. Visiting an inspiring exhibition
15. Pretty light

16. Stormy clouds with sunlight
17. First snow
18. Swimming in a lake
19. Treasure hunting with the dogs
20. A pen that writes well

21. A project that is almost finished
22. Getting my hands dirty with paint or ink
23. learning a new technique
24. Finding the right book at the right time
25. Pretty notebooks (although I often use only the ugly ones)

26. Finishing a sketchbook
27. Painting or decorating my home or studio
28. Having a day for muddling around
29. Hammock summer moments
30. Spotting moose and deer in the forest

31. A song to play on repeat while jumping around
32. Sketching with friends
33. The feeling of paper
34. The sound and scent of the sea
35. Having the time to look at everything in an art shop

International day of happiness, things that make me happy,

36. Interesting color palettes
37. Beautiful spaces with magnificent light and a good mood
38. Happy people
39. Playing with puppies/dogs
40. Chatting with strangers

Royal Talens, Rembrandt artist paint, competition winner prize, color swatches, acrylic paint, oil paint, aquarel granulation,

41. A really good workout
42. A warm shower
43. Sauna on a cold winter day
44. Sitting by a fire with friends/family
45. Sharing a place or thing that I enjoy with others

46. Floating in water
47. Finding a sweet note
48. My dogs having the zoomies
49. My work printed in a magazine or on products
50. Getting a personal gift

I could go on for a while!

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