Winter sketchbook flip through, finished Moleskine sketchbook,

A little over a month of drawing in about a minute of video.
This sketchbook was started during the first holiday drawing session with Emma Carlisle and Sarah Dyer, but it also includes sessions with TJ Marston, and sketches that I did for myself.

I didn’t think I had been drawing much, with a lot of time spent experimenting with printmaking, making illustrations, and taking it slowly during the holidays. Still, I finished a whole sketchbook (and there are 2 more in which I’ve been sketching but that aren’t finished yet).

Last January I was struggling with my sketchbooks, and some days drawing felt like squeezing a dry sponge in search of another drop. The start of 2024 feels like the complete opposite. I have more ideas and ‘goesting‘ than time.

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