Colorful dog mom style, pin by,

Colorful dog mom style, pin by,

One simple fact:

I wear color in winter

haha 🙂


Recently I saw a few TikTok clips about dressing Scandinavian/Swedish and every single one of them was wearing black head to toe. Perhaps navy or a touch of beige when they were from Stockholm*, but the 08:s are a different breed anyway (;-) ). Winter is black, they said, and white is for summer. It made me laugh and realize even more why I’m asked if I’m perhaps French**. It’s simply the fact that I’m wearing colorful items at any time of the year that makes me stand out like a flamingo among blackbirds.


* In summer we play “Spot the Stockholm-people” when they flock to the countryside for their summer holiday. They are easy to spot unless they go undercover and bring out the crocs. In general, they are the stylish people in the shops or on the streets with well-balanced and flattering color combinations. The men wear jeans or chinos that actually fit, and dressed shirts, perhaps even did their hair.

**How could one live that stylishly with 3 dogs in the countryside??

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