Ammonite movie poster

From the moment that I saw a short trailer, I knew I had to see this film that is loosely inspired by the life of British paleontologist Mary Anning, played by Kate Winslet. If you like fast and furious, lots of OMG’s and other bling, this movie isn’t for you. But if you’re looking for something more rough and honest, strong in silence and characters, I think this might be up your alley.
And now I’m hoping to, one day, find an ammonite myself.

2. The Prom
I suggested a movie with Meryl Streep and Joeri said yes! right away- we both love to see her on-screen- and when everybody suddenly started singing and dancing, he was kinda surprised… I forgot to mention that it was a musical comedy 🙂
While the storyline itself isn’t the most original, the humor, costumes (sequins all over!), and Meryl Streep do turn it into a fun Friday-evening movie. And oh I was enchanted by Meryl Streep’s outfits, so vibrant and strong.

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