Raw food peanut butter cookies, sugarfree, foodie, slow living, www.Fenne.be

Rawfod peanut butter cookies, sugarfree, foodie, slow living, www.Fenne.be

Especially in these times, anything and everything is a great reason to add a bit of celebration into your life. For Valentine, I’ve been crafting leather hearts for dog collars and Joeri made these super yummy raw-food cookies.
He found the recipe and some beautiful photo’s on a French website so I’ll share a translation in case you’d like to try.

If you’re not familiar with raw food, the concept might sound a bit unusual or gross but as I can’t eat normal sugar, I’m very used to the texture and taste and loving treats like this. If you have clicked through on the link, you might notice that our hearts look a bit different. The tempering of the chocolate didn’t go very well and I think we made the dough a bit softer. I already asked Joeri to make some more as they were so good. They reminded me of super-smooth marzipan with a soft taste of peanut butter and chocolate. I’m actually very curious how they would turn out with almond or hazelnut cream instead of peanut butter.

-100gr of almond powder (or other or mixture of oilseed powders of your choice)
30gr of peanut butter (or other oilseed butter)
20gr of agave syrup (1 tbsp)
15gr of unmelted coconut oil
40gr of dark chocolate
1 tsp of coconut oil (3gr)

How to make them:
First mix all the ‘wet’ stuff: peanut butter, agave, and oil into a creamy mix.
Then add the flour and mix well.
Roll out the dough to create the hearts and put them in the freezer for about 15minutes/ or one hour in the fridge (this will make them a bit harder).
Melt the chocolate with a bit of coconut oil and dip the back of the hearts in it. Put them on baking paper.
As a final touch, you can decorate the hearts with more chocolate or peanuts.
Then put back in the fridge.

I have very little patience with recipes and writing detailed descriptions of food but it’s really not that difficult. Just wanted to share them as I really really loved them 😀

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