Creative calling, book by Chase Jarvis, book review, book inspiration,

Creative calling, book by Chase Jarvis,


Life isn’t about “finding” fulfillment and success – it’s about creating it.


Chase Jarvis is a photographer, co-founder of Creative Live, podcast host and much more. Most importantly he’s a creator with a message, with very unique energy and someone I’m following for years now. So when I heard that Chase had a new book coming out, I ordered it right away, not even checking what it was about because I know that if he puts a product out, it will be good, it will be interesting and I want to show support to those people that inspire me.

This book is not “You can be a unicorn if you wish it hard enough”, instead it states that creativity is a skill and it shows you the way from struggling to find out how to put creativity back into your life to make it a strong daily habit that creates lives worth living. The system/hook that is used to explore different stages, struggles, possibilities and more is called “IDEA”:

“IDEA” system:

  • Imagine your big dream, whatever you want to create—or become—in this world.
  • Design a daily practice that supports that dream—and a life of expression and transformation.
  • Execute on your ambitious plans and make your vision real.
  • Amplify your impact through a supportive community you’ll learn to grow and nurture.

Creative calling, book by Chase Jarvis, book review, book inspiration,

While most ideas on their own aren’t new to me and I have a daily creative practice (yes I create something every day), there is still so much value in how it all comes together, the personal and inspiring stories around the system, the gentle butt-kicking way that Chase writes and the chance of reading and rereading to absorb the 360 degree meaning. Like most creators, I face struggles, challenges and moments of despair and reading the work of other creatives tells a more interesting perspective than the highlight we get fed every day in news or on social media. I know that a creative life is a journey, but from time to time, it’s good to see in black on white, actually realizing it, taking a deep breath and getting back to the process.

“I am a creator on a mission. I will fall down and make mistakes along my path, but I’m going to get back up again and again and again until I’ve made my vision a reality. And when I’m doing that, I’ll be on to the next one. I have room in my life for supporters and cheerleaders and believers. If you can play that role, great, grab your pom-poms. Wet blankets can go back into the drawer and grow mildew.(p237)

The concept of the wet blankets and gatekeepers has been one of my most important lessons, realizing that many have a desire to tame dreams- but often with the best intentions (, sometimes a lack of imagination and other times the need for others to join their misery).
Like my mom who said “If you want to paint, why not paint walls?”, the teachers that laugh at you saying you’re stupid for drawing in class (at age 8?!), the boss that talks trash, the ‘serious’ photographers who laughs with dogs as a subject, the teachers that didn’t find 10 years as a photographer valuable experience in the work field (seriously, Sint Lucas?) or the countless people with contemptuous comments who say “wait until you’ll get a bit older”,…
I’m glad there is a lot of this covered in the book along with tips on mindset, mentors, and community because I’m sure everyone with dreams or visions encounters this.

So let’s break out together, get creative, making dreams into a reality. Let’s surf the flow and share experiences- and I’d love to hear what you think of this book.

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