Because I feel like I never know enough makers, because I love to find new creators and because I love to see what others bring to life.
Enough reasons for a last minute jump on the MMTM-train.
What it’s all about? MMTM is a challenge share something every day on Instagram that is related to creating AND the daily prompts. You can read all about it on this website:
Our Hogwart for art students |
The point of the challenge is not just sharing work (which is fun of course) but a virtual community of makers going for this together and making new connections.
So if you’re a maker too, I’ll see you on Instagram! You can find me here.
PS: By coincidence, I came across this beautiful memory from art school. All of the illustration students traveled from Antwerp to Domburg for a few days of outdoor drawing in the freezing cold. Oh that cold, that frosty wind from the sea, I can still feel it. I can still remember the frustration of my paint not drying fast enough, the paper of my sketchbook being rubbish,… But I also remember the jokes about that weirdly shaped tree with Thomas, the good talk with one of my teachers, the drawing for David, the great roommates (Nina, Faro, and  Jana) the joy of being around fellow artists and being inspired by the work of others.  How is that for a beautiful group of makers… 🙂

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