Volkswagen California | travel | Norway | www.Fenne.beI remember us looking at all the cars climbing the Trollstigen, a scenic road in Norway, and laughing at each other saying:”No, we’re not crazy, we are not going to try with our van!“.
We kept looking with awe at the many cars passing by, climbing slowly, reaching that point we hope to see one day, but then we continued our journey.
It was only a day later that we found ourselves accidentally sending out smoke signals more or less halfway a mountain road. These smoke signals probably told all the sheep in the neighbourhood: “Warning! Silly Belgians smoking car, LOL!” And they laughed. They laughed hard while gathering on the side of the road, staring at us and casually chewing some grass.
Volkswagen California | travel | Norway |
They caused so much noise that even the cows came by to take a look at this hilarious event.
Joeri however, wasn’t really in the mood for all this laughter. With no more car coolant, it was unsure if we would be able to continue our journey. Then a local passed by, noticed our trouble and hinted to use some water from the river to get us going again.
So we did.

Sheep shit | Adidas | travel | vanlife |

That moment you realize thing can’t get any worse 😉

Volkswagen California | travel | Norway |
Volkswagen California | travel | Norway |
A great tip from experienced car-breakdown-travelers: look for a scenic spot like this, with a beautiful river, some sheep with a sense of humour and it won’t be that bad 🙂
River and waterfall | Norway| Lensbaby |

The river, shot with Lensbaby Twist 60.