Winter bucket list,

Winter bucket list,

Winter a difficult time? The light might not be there but the colder months are perfect for trying out new hobbies, cherishing traditions, connecting with others, and enjoying the beauty of frost and snow.

Need some more inspiration?

Winter Bucket List.

* Make a snowman
* Go skiing
* Crochet a pair of socks or a hat
* Knit a warm sweater
* Go for a winter hike
* Walk on a frozen lake
* Cross the lake by spark
* Wacht Home Alone (again) (or try out a new Christmas movie)
* Make a winter wreath
* Bake Lussekatter
* Feed the birds
* Make an ice/ snow sculpture
* Make a photo book of the past year
* Drink hot chocolate
* Learn more about tea (or coffee if that’s your thing)
* Make a snow angel
* Get together around a campfire
* Bake waffles over an open fire
* Decorate a gingerbread house
* Decorate the house with lights
* Make Christmas gifts
* Freeze soap bubbles
* Try to make old-fashioned candy (like potato candy)
* Draw on the windows
* Bake festive cookies
* Spot the Northern lights
* Go ice skating
* Try a new restaurant (or take-away)
* Go beach hunting
* Search for amber
* Visit a Christmas market
* Roast chestnuts
* Stay at a cabin in the woods (with a fireplace)
* Go for a Polar plunge
* Visit an ice hotel
* Make soap
* Ride a dog sleigh
* read a book a week
* Start a new journal
* Plan a movie night with popcorn (maybe even tickets?)
* Commit to a new (online) course
* Keep a sketchbook (or make one yourself)
* make spring/summer plans
* at the supermarket, look for something you’ve never tried before (French candied chestnuts are on my list)
* Call someone you haven’t heard from in a while
* DIY candles
* …

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