Painting book, Mastering composition, photo

  1. De grote vertraging, (2021), Alicja Gescinska, Daan Heerma Van Voss, Christ Keulemans, Thijs Lijster, Floor Milikowski, Marja Pruis, Haroon Sheikh, Paul Verhaeghe.
  2. Verhaeghe P. (2020), Houd afstand raak me aan, de Bezige bij.
  3. Stohlman A. (1977), The art of hand sewing leather, Tandy leather co.
    There is something charming about older books, right? Especially when almost all the graphics are illustrations instead of photographs. In some way, photographs feel dated much quicker while illustrations give me a timeless feel.
    Hand sewing is an art form in itself and I’ve been practicing as much as I can to get those nice and even stitches. By now, I’m checking every single leather item that I have and see to analyze the construction, the stitching, and the technique used for the edges. And I’m hoping that one day I’ll find a copy of this book, or some others by the same author, in a real paper version. These kinds of publications are just not meant to be seen on a screen.
  4. Caroline Criado Perez (2020), Invisible women
  5. Roberts Ian, (2007) Mastering Composition: Techniques and Principles to Dramatically Improve Your Painting.
    I’m planning to make painting more a part of my art practice, starting in autumn, therefore I’ve been looking at resources about painting, colors, materials, … All the theory and techniques behind putting paint on a canvas. This book was a great find at the perfect time as it starts with some basics about colors, composition, and even how to create photographs with the intention of translating them into a painting later- but also show a lot of advanced details that make a painting work.

    Painting book, Mastering composition, photo
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