Wolven, Ward Zwart | New book treasures from Belgium| www.Fenne.be
by Ward Zwart and Enzo Smits
publisher: Bries
204 pages on thin paper.
“It’s easy to get lost as a teenager, especially when there is nowhere to go.”
Wolven tells a story in magical pencil strokes, about young adults and not knowing where to go. The work of Ward Zwart is always a little different; the paper, the lines, the added details like a copy of a newspaper article.
New book treasures from Belgium| www.Fenne.be
‘Colour, a timeless booklet about mixing colours’
by Lieve Peeters
Colour explains in both Dutch and English everything you might need about mixing colors. Lieve Peeters is an artist and teacher with many years of experience in teaching everything about colors and painting. This is her method to be able to mix whatever colour you need and to combine it for depicting depth in a painting, to get the right colours for water and sky and to find the right tone of complementary colours.