First impressions |

Suddenly, very suddenly, snow everywhere.

It is a big change. Is it really?
I could tell in their eyes.
But not (yet) in mine.
Maybe is mostly a change of scenery
rather than a new story or a new chapter in life.
No spaceship flew me back to Mercuries nor did I fell of the earth.
First impressions |

‘Koffiekoeken’ on the road.

Excitement is burning;
passing The Bridge
spotting the first snowy roofs
passing the hidden door to the magic white lands.
I don’t know what the future will bring
but for now this is where I am
where I want to be.
but not forgetting
First impressions |

Full moon// bright night

First impressions |

snow + dogs = happiness!

First impressions |

Fragile frost in morning light.

First impressions |
First impressions |  First impressions |