Meer dan Muze, de kunstmeisjes. women in art,

1. Meer dan Muze (2023), de kunstmeisjes, Meulenhoff
A collection of essays/chapters that not only celebrate female artists but also provide context on how women have been/are treated in art and society. I’m about halfway now and highlighting and researching a lot. At first, I was a bit hesitant about the pink cover and typography but now I can’t stop reading 🙂
Meer dan Muze, de kunstmeisjes. women in art,

2. The skull (2023), Jon Klassen, Walker books ltd.
If you know me, you might have noticed that I love skulls- so I had to get this book!
However, it’s not just the skull that is why I find this book so inspiring. Without spoiling any fun, the story is very original (with a bit of dark humor) and I love the moody scenes, textures, and stunning color palette.

3. H.N. Werkman, het complete oeuvre (2008), D. Dekkers, Nai Uitgevers.
During the printmaking course that I’m taking, my teacher brought this book as a reference for cardboard prints, and I fell in love with the book and the technique.

4. Ergens in de sneeuw (2022), Linde Faas, Lemniscaat.
When I find a pretty book with snow or ice,… 🙂

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