Last week, I stood eye to eye with a young fox. Only a few weeks old. I thought that the cute creature would quickly run away but instead, it sat down, looked at me, and started chewing a flower and grass.
This moment,… I just can’t describe the feeling but I know that I could not have imagined anything like this when we moved up north.

Nature is all around us and we adapt both to short and cold days as to bright and sunny nights. It’s only midsommar and we’ve already been paddling several times a week, swimming in the lake by our home and smelling the delightful flowers. There might not be any big parties and frog dances around maypoles in our town this year, but the essence is still valid: the celebration of light, of the longest days of the year.

I am just thankful to be here, now. To fully embrace the moment and surrender to the seasons.

Midsommar Sverige, summer solstice in Sweden, portrait photography

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