Pressing Matters, printing magazine, issue 9,

Pressing Matters, printing magazine, issue 9,

The world of ink and print is of unmistakable importance to my work and perhaps even my wellbeing. Big words? In a fast world, the slowness of designing, mixing ink, making prints, waiting for them to dry,… the whole process slows down my thoughts, fills the air with focus and the smell of creation. I like fast and intense, even need it, but also seek the opposite and the deep dive. Rather close to the experience of creating and sharing stories is reading them, diving into the world of other makers, absorbing their point of view.

One of my favourite magazines is one about print: Pressing Matters. I always wonder, ‘Should I continue reading or leave a bit for next time?” 🙂 And now I’m super happy/fortunate/thankful to have contributed to issue 9 of this publication. Through one of my zines, I share a bit of background story and the influence of my life on my work and work on life.

Pressing Matters, printing magazine, issue 9,

  • Bev

    I’m in Sweden too. Looking to reach out to other Printmarker.

    Great to have read about you in this article. Happy Printing ⭐️

    Bev Hayes

    December 13, 2019
      • Bev

        Hi Fenne,
        I’m located in West Sweden, Gothenburg. I’m actually from England.
        But been living here 7 years. It’s been a slow process of getting know printmaking contacts here and open workshops where I can continue my practice. I work out of the basement of my house right. now.Having just acquired a small table top press. If you are ever in Gothenburg give me a shout.

        I have an instagram account where I sometimes post a variety of works in progress. ; bevhayes52

        December 15, 2019

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