I stopped counting the mosquito bites a few sunsets ago and instead scratch them without thinking.
But you know when I think about the mossies the most? When they are not there. When we sit outside at a party or go for a walk in the forest and it’s quiet- no buzzzzzzing in your ears, no Scandinavian Schuhplattler cheering up conversations.


And in the boat, I had an unexpected- and not so happy to see my dog- visitor. We haven’t met properly. The first time we met it was because I stopped this annoying cat fight under my bedroom window. He might think I’m this nagging neighbor who has no tolerance for wild kids. I might have to get rollers in my hair and find an ugly dress with big flowers to wear over white socks in sandals.

Swedish summer, Dalarna, dog photography Sweden, artist in Sweden, www.Fenne.be

Last week I launched the first part of  “The curious wanderer collection” on Facebook. It’s a collection of jewelry that was created after/by wandering around this area, collecting, dreaming, creating. If you’re not comfortable with ordering on Facebook, no worries, those that are not sold in the first week will find their way to Etsy (but they will be more expensive as I have to pay Etsy too.)
The curious wanderer, resin jewelry collection, Etsy, nature inspired jewelry, www.Fenne.be

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