Exploring Slovenia, travel photography, www.Fenne.be

Wednesday Wanderings (19) a camera obscura in the Slovenian forest.

When traveling, the best suggestions mostly come from locals, especially if they take the time to find out what you actually like. For us, busy places, waiting in…

Nature photography, natural textures, details in nature, www.Fenne.be

Found beautiful natural textures.

Early autumn in Sweden, nature photography, www.Fenne.be

Welcome early autumn and fresh air.

Sketching in Smedjebacken by the boats, Sweden, Dalarna, artist, artlife, nature, www.Fenne.be

Sketching by the boats under giant clouds

Belgians in Sweden, Belgians brweing beer, craftbeer, beer Sweden, www.Fenne.be

B3: Belgians brewing beer

Picasso in Sweden, art, artist Sweden, www.Fenne.be

An unexpected Picasso

Lars Winnerbäck I Dalhalla Sverige, Inside my moleskine sketchbook, watercolor and pencil, art life, concert drawing, www.Fenne.be

Inside my sketchbook: Lars Winnerbäck at Dalhalla

When camera’s are nog allowed,… take a sketchbook 🙂  

Sketchbook page, www.Fenne.be

Inside my sketchbook

Early morning swim in the lake, Sweden, Dalarna, freedom, gopro, www.Fenne.be

Early morning swim in the lake

A jump into refreshing freedom. A bubbling world out of this world. Far from everything, detached, and yet ultimately connected.

Summer evenings

I stopped counting the mosquito bites a few sunsets ago and instead scratch them without thinking. But you know when I think about the mossies the most? When…